Digital detox gaining popularity. Now all our life shifted to online zone. I could not imagine life without chat with parents, who live far away or without e-book, or without phone photography. We need phones for nowadays existence.

Here’s a few ideas how to reduce stress from online life:

  1. Reduce social media time to minimum. In every social media platform available time limit per day which you can set.
  2. Unfollow celebrities accounts. You don’t need to know what celebrity dog had for lunch. Better concentrate on your own life and make it memorable.
  3. Unfollow people who irritate you. It’s your life and only you have to choose who’s pictures will be displayed on your digital feed.
  4. In your phone settings block unnecessary notifications (yes, you can live with only a few notifications per day!). Every notification trigger dopamine release. If you use receive notification on phone than in many cases you don’t know what is in that notification. Because of that you have higher dopamine boost while checking it.
  5. Delete unnecessary SMS on your phone and block spam numbers (you can use app which will automatically block spam calls & messages).
  6. Clean your e-mail box. Remember, to store your junk e-mails energy is used by servers.
  7. Unsubscribe from spam, promotion letters, advertising. In this way it’s easy to find important e-mail when you have only a few e-mails per week.
  8. Delete unneeded photos, cut videos to perfect size, deleted outdated documents. If you will never use it than why do you store it?
  9. Delete games. Instead download language learning app and practice when you are bored.
  10. Listen to podcast and audiobook.
  11. Schedule work related calls one by one and dedicate only required number of minutes. Don’t let people call you when they want.
  12. Use no disturbing mood or airplane mode while exercise. Workout time have to be dedicated only to your body.
  13. Switch to no disturbing mood while studying. Notifications, calls, messages are killers of productivity because divert attention.
  14. Install app which will track how much time you spend in particular apps, how often you log in, etc. It’s helpful to see real situation.
  15. Use calendar to plan your time.

There’s no need to quit your phone time but think on what you should spend it. Prioritize what gives you income, education, personal happiness.

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