Nowadays life is too fast and sick leave just keeps us away from achieving. But for better recovery you should take a few days off and take a rest. Sounds like a simple advice, but it’s actually hard to do.

Remember, if you die today because of lack of rest than tomorrow your job position gonna be available on recruitment platforms. Because of this it’s always better to give yourself a few days of rest.

If you work while supposed to be on sick leave than you prolonged your sick time and reduce productivity.

In some companies, there’s no sick leave. In this case you should think twice about need to dedicate your time & work for company which don’t care about employees. If you have at least one sick leave than take it. If you need more time to recover than take unpaid leave.

Presenteeism or working while sick, may have many motives:

  • Non availability of sick leave.
  • Unpaid sick leave.
  • Social pressure to avoid day off.
  • Co-workers pressure to work while sick (like I worked while sick, you work while sick).
  • Fear of losing a job.
  • Fear of no promotion because of sick leave.
  • Loveliness during sick leave.
  • Some people just love their jobs too much.

Despite different motives to work while sick, it’s always better to put yourself in the center of your priorities. Your health and wellbeing in priority.

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