How many days per week should you work? In most cases it’s 6 days, if you are lucky enough it’s 5 days. But what about new trend of 4 working days? Let’s take a look into this new trend.

I’ve been working 9 hours per day, 6 days per week and it was disaster. There was no time for life, only job. Even one day off per week was not making me happy because of understanding that from tomorrow again 6 working days. Now I work from home and don’t have office but I work every day of the week (some little work but every day). From own experience can tell that more days off give opportunity to have more time to enjoy life.

According to recent research employees with 4 working days (4 days and 10 working hours) shown 24% improvement in work life balance. But for some employees 4 working days could bring more stress because they feel more lonely during long weekends.

4 days work week motivates employees to work harder because of satisfaction of getting 3 days off. Most of employees commute to work and waste a lot of time in traffic which increase stress level. With shorter workweek, less time gonna be wasted while commuting. According to Sanford University research, overworked employees less productive and less committed to organization that 4 workdays employees.

Companies rarely implement radical changes in work timings. Less working days or freelance work could benefit both sides (employees and employer). In most companies top management and head of human resources are people from older generation. Older generation work full workweek and don’t want young employees to have more free time because of jealousy.

Isn’t it ridiculous to consider “work-life balance” or “life-work balance”? We are thought that we have to build life around work and not vice versa. For traditional white collars or office plankton, 5-6 working days is the way to survive financially. There’s no time to think and achieve more in life if you have no time left.

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