Womens’ share of wealth about 40% of global household wealth but depends on country, religion, education, etc.

Investment portfolio looks different for men and women. Women are less likely to hold risky investments because women take more serious family’s financial needs. Women prefer to investment in non-financial assets because it provide more stability, and stability it’s something that women crave for.

For women it’s extremely important to make own income and do not be dependant on husband (family). That gives choice what to do in life, where to live, whom to marry and in what age get kids.

In traditional societies girls get married in tender age when their education not finished. Family pressure is strong. If girl gets married in young age that means that she will get kids in young age also. But she will not get highly paid job (own business) because of lack of education and experience. This put young girls in depending situation from husband and family. In developed countries women prefer to get married later and longer wait before getting kids.

For self-made women level of income means a lot. Society prefer to call self-made women as materialistic but it’s because she will not fully depend on husband (India, Turkey, Middle East countries, Africa, Latin America, etc). If women less financially depending on husband’s income than husband has less tools to control women’s life.

According to Hurun Research Institute there is 89 self-made women billionaires from 16 countries. Self-made status means that women earn money by herself and did not inherit from family or husband. 57% of self-made billionaires lives in China and three Chinese cities considered as preferred for women billionaires (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen). US is on second place with 18 female self-made billionaires. Women’s work and life balance harder to achieve .

According to US Forbes women self-made billionaire Instagram famous Kylie Jenner appeared on position number 23 as self made billionaire. That was controversial and sparked a lot of criticism but her wealth self-made and not inherited.

In 2018 Forbes list only 244 women out of 2208 who made to the list.

In many countries woman during divorce pretending for smaller amount of household wealth. This negatively influence on future ability and speed of investments. In case of inherited wealth women prefer to invest in non-financial assets because women tend to be more risk averse than man.

Worldwide data proved that women live longer than man in almost countries and for that more financial resources needed. Women have longer life expectancy because of self-care and smart pampering. For women’s self-care financial resources needed.

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