Is there limit to financial growth? Definitely no. But is it healthy to you always trying to achieve more, more and more? Sometimes it’s better to limit own financial growth in order to get time for family and life.

Financial growth presented as unlimited process. If you want more growth than you should work more. But it’s not always true. In most movies we see main hero working 16 hours per day and forgetting kids kindergarten or school performance. Guilt used as self excuse. Success = long hours of work.

In financial growth always available some level after achieving which more income means giving up on important parts of life like family, friends, personal life, hobby, travel, etc.

In modern society lack of sleep presented as important part of success. Giving up on relationship also presented as part of success. To achieve success some sacrifices have to be but not damping more than half of life to have bigger house, faster car, new branded clothes, dining in expensive restaurants, premium alcohol, etc. Consumer culture insist that for happiness you have to have only the best in life.

  1. Buy a flat / house / condo etc. It’s always great to have own real estate but before purchasing another options have to be evaluated. In most cases it is better to buy land than a flat. But If you live in big cities and you absolutely need to own a flat then buy as small flat as possible.
  2. New car vs used car. I own new car (I own but never drive by myself) and it was smart purchase. With new car maintenance cost lower, insurance cost lower, fuel consumption lower, etc. Used cars are great choice for taxi service.
  3. Crazy shopping spree. Do you really need so much stuff? As more you own, as more time you need to waste for maintenance. Human should not be slave of own belongings.
  4. Branded clothes. Branded clothes is brainless purchase only if you paid full price. Best to buy branded items on eBay, charity shops, Goodwill, etc. Luxury clothes mostly made from better quality fabrics and will last long.
  5. Jewellery is great investment if it made from precious metals like gold, platinum and with precious stones.
  6. Dining outside. It’s hard to control regularity and nutritional value of consumed food. Best option is to get chef who will cook for you (even inexperienced chef could be).

There’s many ways how to optimize expenses and live more fulfilling life. Money definitely can buy happiness but it can not buy you more time.

Fulfilling life is more enjoyable than 16 hours working day. Considering that core assumption that unlimited financial growth is always good, not true. Prioritization of important in life leads us into denial of advertised happiness. We find own happiness which based on own priorities which is not influenced by advertisements.

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