Who visit fancy restaurants without taking pictures of food on your plate? Everyone does it! It’s an opportunity to make others jealous in social media.

Food presentation changed in last 10 years. Showcasing “it’s my yummy & fancy food plate” by most social media users. Suddenly food presentation appeared as art in high demand. Food have to look Insta appropriate and worth of sharing in other social media platforms.

Who would believe that you had dinner in crazy expensive restaurant if no photos in Instagram? Who believe you paid $10 for disgusting green salad with description “My healthy lifestyle” and hashtag #salad?

Restaurants changed design and improved lights to ensure that their food delicacy gonna look mouthwatering in customers accounts. Ohh, let’s don’t forget about geo tag, it’s must have. If restaurant is Instagrammable then it will drive traffic. Commonly restaurants provide free meals or big discounts to users who post appropriate pictures with Geo Tag. It’s not generosity, it’s thoughtful marketing strategy. Online users blinded by photo edited images go to places where great pictures could be made. Social media users under constant pressure to prove entire world, that their lifestyle worth of having followers.

last 3 years I’ve recognized that coffee shops look very similar: big windows, boards with expensive coffee prices, pastry fridges with see through glass, fake barista smile, plugs, Wi-Fi vampires with laptops.. etc. This type of design looks spectacular on pictures but poor in reality.

I’ve seen rating of most famous Instagram restaurants. Rating is not about the taste, it’s about photogenicity of your plate. Also restaurant’s small decorating details matter: table cloth, flowers, glassware, floor tiles, art, etc.

People spend money based on social media images. If you profit from it, than carry on. If you don’t make even single dollar (free food) on posting restaurant dining than think twice before doing it. Why would you spend hard-earned money on Instagrammable food? You loose money and time, restaurant gain more customers.

I used to spend hours in trying to make best Instagrammable food pictures and post it for dopamine chase. In one day I understood that I don’t make money on it and I deleted Instagram account. Now I have thousands of perfect pictures for my blog.

Your happy experience should be private because happiness love silence.

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