How to make kids brand loyal at the young age? Answer is simple: make engaging app games for kids.

It’s new way to market products to youngest generation which create desire to get only particular brands. Here’s a few examples:

1) Cola drinking apps. Yes, it’s exist. You can literally drink fuzzy drinks on mobile phone.

It’s entertainment app to imitate cola drinking from phone (screen act like carbonated beverage glass).

This type of games make kids addicted to soda. In app not mentioned any particular brand of soda but we all know which sodas mostly being purchased.

2) Oreo game: twist, lick, dunk. Game’s designed to attract kids attention and make sure that preferable choice of cookie is Oreo.

Most interesting that available in app purchases. Game require regular practice by encouraging to score better in next game.

3) Magic Kinder App by Ferrero Trading Lux S. A. App features free games, videos, bedtime stories, etc.

In app disclaimer mentioned: no in-app purchases, no adds, no subscription, app does not include any reference to Kinder chocolate products, no chocolate display. Only physical toy surprise is reference to the product.

This app full of fun interactive games but still creates believe that Kinder equal to fun, means to have fun Kinder needed.

4) Chocolate Candy Bars Maker.

In app exact products not mentioned but covers of candy bars look very similar to real life candy bars covers.

Isn’t the best way to make kids believe that candy bars totally okay to eat as much as wanted? Also in-app purchases needed to achieve high level faster.

5) McDonald’s Happy Studio app for kids.

One of most engaging app for kids with no in-app purchases, no third party advertisements. App made to develop new skills, explore, experiment, etc.

In app kids can learn how to paint their favorite Happy Meal character. Available digital masks for instant transformation into favourite character. To ensure regular app usage new characters added frequently, chance to perform in own in-app movie, small challenges in games, etc.

Companies ready to use this type of marketing to reach kids and create brand recognition since small age. Directly in-app no advertising but characters, food and packing look extremely similar to real life.

What’s your opinion about this type of marketing?

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