Why do you think that social media is vital in life? Social media opinions are not yours 😉. Companies spend huge amount of money on marketing. They make you believe, life without social media is for losers. Losers have nothing to showcase to the world… That’s insane.

Social media designed to be highly addictive. Hundreds of scientists work hard, so you spend much time hooked to imaginary world…Social media.

We need to stay in touch with friends and family. But do we need to follow social media influencers who showcase fake life? I think no… It’s waste of life’s time.

Social media is time waste activity, which consumes hours per week from our lives. We like to watch someone’s photoshopped pictures, fake rich life filled with rented luxury bags and over-the-top travel. It’s all sponsored by companies to make money on you. Most of Instagram users don’t have enough money to buy original items and showcasing rented or copycat items.

Life is not perfect, no one wake up with red carpet make up and perfectly blown dry hair. This available only online.

Social media leads to anxiety: you are not enough beautiful, not enough slim, not enough rich, etc. Haters won’t miss chance to memorize it. Day by day anxiety builds up.

Users do everything to click perfect selfie, even by risking own life. You can’t eat your fancy served meal without making perfect picture. Who would believe that you afforded such expensive meal if there no selfie and location? Most of events visited only to make pictures for social media to show how cool your life and how well connected you are. Same with travel. Vocation destination chosen under pressure to make perfect Instagram pictures. If you posted zero pictures who would believe that you had vocation?

Recently digital detox appeared as worldwide trend. Try it. One month without Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. It’s tough but results impressive. Life is short, use it to became best version of yourself (career, sport, reading, hobby, etc).

Last year I deleted Vk account (famous Russian social media platform), Facebook account (I was feeling depressed after watching someone’s travel pictures), main Instagram account (I was trying to make perfect picture of my meal until it’s cold), second Instagram account (blocked by Instagram), Twitter account (waste of time).

I’ve stopped using social media and decided to spend my time to grow blog. It’s one of my best decision so far.

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