As humans, we want to look impressive. In most cases not for ourselves, but for others. We are addicted to others opinion. Why? Let’s try to understand together.

Everything starts from the need of attention:

  1. Since a baby is born, he/she will seek attention constantly.
  2. While growing up most kids are compared to other’s more successful kids. This creates a desire to be better presented in front of public.
  3. In kindergarten and school most acceptance and appreciation showered on students with best marks despite their other qualities.
  4. In college & university only best students preached.
  5. After school teenagers actively compare own life with other’s life who achieved more or was lucky to be born in wealthy family (access to resources).
  6. After graduation young people have so much ambition which face harsh reality of job searching market.
  7. After marriage new problem arises. Couples without deep knowledge about “how to make money” unable to teach kids financial literacy. Money talks almost prohibited. Small kid has no chance to become financially literate at home and in the school as well.
  8. Divorce or middle age crisis. Couples have unmet expectations about their life partner. This ruin family. Together with family problems arise middle age crisis: not achieved goals, missed opportunities, depression, etc.
  9. Retirement. Worked entire life, but do you have money to retire and enjoy life? Most probably no. You still have to work and save every dollar.
  10. Loneliness. Everyone has own life and rare can talk to you.
  11. Death. Life finished. What have you achieved?

At every stage of life except death almost everyone wants to look better in others eye’s. No-one want to look like a piece of sh*t.

We all have different access to resources. For rich kids it means nothing to spend money for luxury vacation. For poor kids, it’s a constant struggle to survive and outperform. On average it takes a decade to earn a sufficient amount of money to feel secure and comfortable. For a wealthy kid, it took 0 years to get it. By this I want to demonstrate that different number of working years needed depends in which family born.

With social media to fake perfect life easy. It’s just picture where you look happy, but what’s going on behind the scene? In social media people upload highlighted happy moment and hide real unfiltered life. Personal life has to stay personal and not to be discussed and liked by others.

Most of active social media users feel underestimated. To prove opposite filtered pictures (story’s) uploaded Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. After thoughtfully selected content uploaded users guess how many likes, comments and reposts will be under the picture. When guessed number higher than expected than dopamine rush experienced which leads to social media addiction. It’s just a fast positive spike which results in even lower self-esteem (confidence issues).

99% of influencers faking life to make it look perfect by following “fake it until you make it”. By posting sponsored merchandise and photo edited pictures influencers want followers to spend money on their “recommend” stuff. Who will buy? People with low self-esteem will buy just to have a chance to look like favourite influencer on photo edited image.

It’s impossible to achieve validation by everyone. Always gonna be people who achieved more but you have to compare yourself only with yesterday’s yourself. Social media time better to spend for self development and making money than showing off miserably fake online life. Became person who doesn’t need to share private life just to make sure that the world knows about your amazing moments.

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