I believe that calendar is the best organizing tool currently available. As we live in a digital age we are more likely to use a digital calendar which synchronized with e-mail.

Out of all calendars best one is Google Calendar (it’s not promoted post, purely my opinion). Here’s a few working tips on how to stay on track:

  1. Open calendar and check how it works. It has easy & minimal interface. Nothing distracts.
  2. Eliminate social media time. If you don’t make money on it than you don’t need to waste life for nonsense scrolling.
  3. Decide a goal for the entire year and write it in the same time for next year with numbered days. For example, I have a goal for 365 days to be fully responsible about what’s going on in my life. Every day I receive notification 30 minutes in priority. This makes me feel more responsible when there’s no motivation.
  4. Every Sunday decide tasks for upcoming week. You will see how much thinks need to be done and get an energy boost.
  5. Dedicate time for regular exercises and family. Nothing more important that health and family.
  6. Plan realistically how much time needed for each task.
  7. Every evening check schedules and add specific blocks of time for next day activities.
  8. Do not overlap tasks and meetings. Multitasking harmful to the brain cells.
  9. Group similar tasks and meetings one by one. Save time.
  10. Schedule meetings when everyone can participate (members availability displayed).
  11. Reschedule if you feel like.
  12. Use color coding. The schedule will look bright and engaging.

A calendar made easy to follow tasks. I made a screenshot of my daily calendar.

Example of usage of color coding, timings and realistic amount of time dedicated to each task. I work from home, zero commuting time, I have gym equipment at home, I don’t have social media accounts, I don’t have friends and not a social person, I don’t have kids. I organized my working day to have maximum time to grow business and spend maximum time with husband.

In this article I wanted to show realistic calendar and not only general blah-blah-blah. If you like my blog please follow.


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