Shopping became an important part of our life. When customer ready to spend money, it’s heaven for merchants. But in most cases companies use all possible tricks to make customers spend as much money as it possible and as often as it possible. Here’s a few tricks:

  1. Sales. Nothing drives higher sales than simple word “sale”. Humans feel pleasure when money saved.
  2. Specific sales dates, like Black Friday, Singles Day, Christmas etc.
  3. “Buy one get one” or “buy two get one”. You don’t save on it. You spend more.
  4. Specific floor plans. It’s not coincidental that basic grocery items located in different parts of the supermarket. As more aisles passed as higher probability or spontaneous purchase.
  5. Corner display. Items displayed on the corners has higher sales rate. If buyer pass without checking department shales than corner display always visible.
  6. Fancy pack = higher price tag. Just memories how fancy packed luxury items. It’s done to trick the customer to believe that getting more value.
  7. Products display level. Eye level products display for higher margin items. Kid’s products displayed on kid’s eyes level.
  8. Music. In grocery shops always slow music. In expensive restaurants relaxing music to make. In bars used fast & energetic music. In apparel shops used modern & happy music. All this type of music used strategically to make you spend more money.
  9. Amazing aroma. Freshly baked bread, just brewed coffee, genuine leather smell, etc. Most of these aromas not authentic, just perfumes which influence on customers.
  10. Sales people propose to take a look on other categories.
  11. Shopping carts bigger than should be to create the fake feeling that you did you buy enough.
  12. Sales staff carrying items to fitting room do to let you feel that too many items there.
  13. Samples. It’s not company’s generosity, it’s a trick to make you spend more.
  14. Coupons. Look like big save but just sales strategy.
  15. Membership program. Buy more and believe that at some point of time you will be able to get freebies or benefits.
  16. Freebies. Companies give “free” items only if they know that will earn more.
  17. Influencers inspired shopping.
  18. Smart pricing. $99 more acceptable than $100. Or $19.99 looks cheaper than $20. We enjoy paying less.
  19. Limited time offer. Rush! Buy now!
  20. Online shopping. Always spend more than should.
  21. Credit card shopping. Why to spend money which not yet earned? Illusion of gain from points, miles, cashbacks tricking customers to spend more.
  22. Terms and conditions. Customers rarely read almost invisible text with the tricky conditions.
  23. Usage of selected words: save, get more, timeless, unique, designer, high quality, luxury.
  24. Responsible shopping and donations. You feel good if that a few coins donated for good cause.
  25. Higher priced items sold as lifestyle products. When you buy new crossover you purchase lifestyle. In all ads driver will enjoy a beautiful drive in mountains, etc. Great trick to make customers justify the high price.
  26. Shopping as part of the experience.
  27. Modern technologies of eye movement, shopping routes etc.

Before any sale or special offer companies calculate how much profit they are going to make. So please before blindly believing sellers double check prices. Valuate items in number of hours which you have to work in order to afford it.

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