When minimalism became obsession

Minimalism it’s not about counting items which you own, it’s about reason & motivation. Why did you decide to own less? There’s always reason behind. Maybe you want to save money and stop useless shopping, maybe you want to spend less time for home cleaning, maybe you want to travel. For everyone minimalism looks different.

Owning less doesn’t matter turning minimalism into compulsive decluttering (type of OCD). Recently I’ve seen new guru of “extreme minimalism” who sleep in hammock (poor spine) and own less furniture then her cat. Minimalism doesn’t mean spartanism. Life have to be comfortable for maximum enjoyment. Distressing thought generate anxiety which could be released by declutter ritual. In this case love for organized space torn into obsession which is not under control. In some article it named “clutter phobia”.

In family not everyone gonna be minimalist but you have to respect and be comfortable that someone own more items than you consider enough. Unnecessary extreme minimalism create concentration about guilt of owning items. Suddenly person don’t enjoy using items and feeling tension. In this situation even valuable & useful items thrown away.

Life have to be filled with emotions and positive memories. Declutter your life but don’t let it run your life.

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