How much time do you spend for cleaning? Why do you spend your day off for cleaning?

Cleaning and home maintaining presented as must have women’s work. But time has changed. Women work, study, cook, shopping, take care about kids, take care about relatives, take care about husband (boyfriend) and it’s all in 24 hours. In order to save time you should have domestic help from cleaning company. For majority of readers it’s look strange but it’s one of the best decision to pay someone to clean your living space.

By employing people to clean ones per week entire apartment (house) you provide the job. You give chance to earn money for living for less educated or young people.

You can’t do all work by yourself without sacrificing quality time with loved one and kids.

I live in India and have lady who come 6 times per week to clean and arrange flat. This is time-saving decision. In average it takes 30 minutes per day.

30 minutes per day × 365 days = 110 hours of cleaning

110 hours = 4.5 days wasted on cleaning per year.

With this calculations better to have domestic help and use free time to study & exercise. Many people feel weird to let someone to arrange their living space but it’s totally worth it.

What’s your opinion?

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