If you are an influencer than this article not for you.

Media personalities presented as talented people but in most cases it’s fake talents. Not much brainwork needed to post half-naked pictures.

How many media personalities actually contributed to social development, science, improvement of human wellbeing? Not many. To be Instafamous need: naked a*s, food picture, workout pictures, fake luxury shopping, overpriced traveling, relationship goals, photo editors, “#sponsored” hashtags. Work done.

Most of social media stars useless and stupid but well marketed. They capitalize on brand endorsement and living luxury life on money from your purchases. Influencers bring exposure to advertised items. That’s all what they do. Piece of the cake have not only big celebrities but also niche ambassadors.

All charity funding is just to create trust from buyers side, to make illusion that part of money donated for good cause. Don’t trust in it. If you want to help someone than help directly. In this case you will be sure that money reached person in need. Influencers donate money not-at-all because of altruistic purposes. Donations done to warm hearts of buyers to buy more. Nonprofit charities still companies which need to run offices, pay bills, pay for fuel etc. Safe to say that 100% of social media influencer donation will not reach that in need.

Some influencers monetize on mental health problems.

Anxiety, mental illness donation, tag while wear it. Isn’t stupid? Isn’t cruel? All presented under “make anxiety less shitty”.

Even tacos post sponsored.

What about humus sponsored advertisement? Even chickpeas need sponsored hashtag.

What about SkinnyTea? Have you ever heard that tea have calories?

Do you use old hair brush? Stop it! Get new pink brush: biodegradable and Earth friendly. And of course, use my promo code and save 20%. It literally mean spend $20 to save 20%.

Stars are popular because followers ready to check social media accounts countless times per day. If there no demand there no supply. By promoting “#sponsored” items consumer thought and behavior shaped. Why do you need to buy trendy Instafamous item? Is it your wish? Will it appreciate in time? Is it waste of money?

Following bunch of stars isn’t making you smarter. Every post is an unrelated piece of information which triggers addiction and anxiety. After consuming unrelated information how do you want to be productive and achiever?

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