Thanks to Instagram consuming of useless pictures and information became time pass (way to waste time).

Instagram launched in 2010, owned by Facebook Inc. Photo and video sharing platform quickly became popular and turned into influencers businesses. Almost every new user dream to have letter “K” near followers count. As more followers as hire probability of paid promotions. If in average 30 minutes per day for scrolling that end up in more than 7 days of your life wasted.

By following someone’s Instagram account you feel that you are getting to know person. In reality you see carefully curated social media image. Online posted only selected happy images in most cases shoot for Instagram. Online everyone’s life look better.

First followers goal is 10k. After achieving 10k most users expect hundreds of promotional requests on direct mail. But there’s more than enough accounts with 10k+ followers and everyone expect to receive paid promotion. So many similar account owners competing against each other to get that sponsored item for “#sponsored post”. Companies use Instagram as sales tool. Influencer use Instagram for monetizing on sponsored content for followers. Regular Instagram users get nothing from spending hours per day scrolling down feed.

Expected that with growing amount of followers level of happiness will grow. In reality it’s opposite. Followers are not real friends. Followers are not loyal, they follow many accounts with similar content.

With growing popularity number of haters grow. In famous song written “haters gonna hate” but it’s negatively influence on mental health. Body shaming comments could be ignored for pretty long time but not forever. Thought “how to improve my nose, chest, shape” torn into anxiety. When you click selfie you immediately notice face imperfections & wanna improve by fillers and botox (sometimes more radical surgeries). All this just to look better on photos shared with people whom you don’t know.

Photo edited Instagram pictures with filters make illusion of perfect life filled with joy and happiness. What do you do next? You compare perfect online image with your real life. You question self-worthiness based on someone’s Photoshopped images.

What do you achieve by posting selfies or almost naked photos? Do your make money on it? If you don’t make money from it than why do you spend valuable vacation time for taking perfect Instagram photo?

Most of users gonna tell idea is to share photos with friends. Why not to share in personal message in WhatsApp? Why to post online and wait for dopamine release when more likes and comments under photo than expected?

I used to have 2 Instagram accounts. One account blocked without mentioned reason. Second account I’ve deleted because did not feel that my life so useless that I can spend it on watching someone’s edited pictures. A few months ago I’ve deleted Facebook account. Now to share news with friends I send a personal message in WhatsApp. Also I know that a few friends really interested in my life. Life without follower feels better because of productive interaction with people. No more haters comments, no more 10 minutes photo shoots for food before eating, no more pretending to be someone better than I am in real life.

You choose what world knows about you, so choose wisely.

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