Digital minimalism in the age of distractions gaining popularity. It’s not only fancy words, it’s lifestyle.

Main idea is to cut down on technological destructions and retake control on online life. Phones and social media designed to keep us browsing as long as possible and as frequent as possible.

What’s first thing we do on morning? Switch off phone alarm.What’s last think we do before sleep? Keep phone on charge. But we all know that phone should not be in bedroom overnight. Phone developers also know it. Just added alarm clock on mobile phone. Now people have enough strong excuse to keep phone in bedroom overnight. In bored mood compulsory phone checking creates engaged feeling.

Privacy impossible when you exposed personal life online. Most people chasing to have more followers & influencer status. But this require longer social media hours.

Before social media spy have to work hard to find personal information. Now just check pictures in Instagram, check connections in Facebook, find out about skills and work experience in LinkedIn… You gave access to your life.

Users habituated for a constant notifications (by default all notifications permitted on every phone). Fear of missing important call & notification became strong. For some people it turned into anxiety. It have to be urgent call to action to avoid behavior addiction. Action plan:

  1. Check each app notification permission and keep only important.
  2. Delete apps which you don’t use regularly.
  3. Deleted unneeded saved picture in folders like WhatsApp, Instagram etc.
  4. Reduce number on apps icons on main screen by sorting into folders. Remember fewer apps better.
  5. Delete pictures which you don’t like or have multiples.
  6. Mute WhatsApp messages (at least for 8 hours).
  7. Write down which videos you want to watch on YouTube and stick to list.
  8. If you watch Netflix than watch it with someone. Instantly procrastination turns into spending time with someone.
  9. Install apps time tracker to understand how you spend time online.
  10. Reduce online shopping and purchase items which brings value in your life.
  11. Stop pressing LIKE button. You unnecessary sharing useless post with followers to waste their time.
  12. Instantly delete useless e-mails.
  13. Unsubscribe from e-mail spam notifications.
  14. Install Google Calendar to plan your days and strictly follow it.

Apply self-discipline to cut low quality browsing time in order to consume selected information. Social media do not provide memorable entertainment or experience. Pointless browsing linked with techno-exhaustion and productivity dysfunction. How many hours do you spend checking someone’s carefully curated social media image? It’s always look like someone’s life better than yours in comparison. What you see in Instagram profiles it’s highlighted happy moments which create fake feeling that someone’s like better.

Online life is fake but your anxiety is real. Social media created as a communication tool but used to showcase shopping therapy, over budget traveling, fake smiles, fancy take away coffee, puppies which eat Starbucks puppychino, fake happiness etc.

Because of constant comparison between yourself and others fake online life you lose intentional life. To concentrate on what’s important in life require time. To gain that precious time you have to declutter digital life.

Just think. If you have only one year of life left would you spend entire day in browsing social media? If yes, my article did not contribute to your life.

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