Self education is based on discipline and self motivation. Considered more beneficial than traditional education. Because it allows to concentrate on most interesting subject. Main benefits :

  1. Ability to find relevant information. The information available in internet is not easy to find useful data.
  2. Focus in the age of distractions. We are bombarded by useless information and loosing ability to concentrate which reflect on ability to study.
  3. Realistic goals as result of better understanding of what you want from life.
  4. Deeper personality because of constant learning of interested subjects.
  5. To prevent fast brain aging and memory loss.
  6. Achieving impossible. What could be better than to turn impossible to possible?
  7. Self esteem and feeling proud of yourself.
  8. You can have opinion based on your own knowledge and not on others words.
  9. Study in your comfort time and place.
  10. Self care in form of better eating and exercising.
  11. Motivation.
  12. Discipline.
  13. Broader opportunities as result of deeper knowledge.
  14. Cost effective. Online courses cost just a few dollars.
  15. Chance to live fulfilling life.

Benefits depends on what you study and how long time you do not loose motivation. In most cases surrounding people (friends, family, colleagues) influence study motivation in negative way. Because they are scared that if you’ll learn new things you’ll get more life opportunities and gonna move on leaving them behind. And in reality this happens all the time. Self education turning impossible into possible but that’s only for you, not for your surrounding crowd who procrastinated entire life.

Live. Study. Achieve impossible.

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4 thought on “Benefits of self education”
  1. Interesting post. How do you choose the subjects you decide to learn about? Do you choose rather subjects that interest you personally or subjects that you feel will be useful for your career?

    1. I choose subject which is good for career to earn as much as possible, as fast as possible. After that I’ll choose travel&history related subjects because it what I want to do in life. That’s because I don’t want to worry about financial side while pursuing dreamed subject.

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