Self education is the only way to long term success. Traditional school education gives foundation, university education gives chance to earn just enough to survive till next paycheck. Only self education leads to dreamed achievements & lifestyle. Demand for college education comes with big price tag , which everyone can’t pay without loan.

Self education not easy task which requires motivation and desire to step out of comfort zone. Mostly it costs little compared to college education. But low expenses on improvement of knowledge and skills give long lasting returns.

In just a few moments of Google search you have access to almost all information in the world. You just need to have desire to learn it. But majority of people prefer to watch mediocre movies, hundreds of useless videos, gaming, following up with brainless media stars, chatting with fake friends in social media with illusion of been needed and loved, hours of checking someone’s highlighted happy moments etc. All this wasted time which could be used for learning and improving knowledge. Everyday we are bombarded with useless information and loosing ability to concentrate. Average concentration time dropped to 8 seconds from 12 seconds in 2000. which is shorter focus span that Goldfish has.

To be mediocre become normal. Just live life like everyone else, work to create wealth for someone, be predictable. To live fulfilling life self-education must have. You can not earn millions just by coming every day to office, checking email, nonsense meetings, every half an hour check time before you are free to leave working place. In order to succeed you have to have control over your life. You have to be disciplined and follow your goals.

Every goal achieving require to obtain some set of knowledge. You can pay money to get diploma but that doesn’t guarantee success. Or you can make your own study plan, concentrate only on that skills and knowledge which needed. Online courses made distance learning faster and available for a few dollars per course and sometimes even free. Speed of technology development sharply increased and to stay in game you need to upgrade it regularly. Knowledge which was relevant 10 years ago not up to date today.

Regular & systematic studying increase confidence level. Superior feeling mostly based to deep knowledge and understanding that you are smarter.

From own experience I can tell a few ways to improve skills or knowledge:

  1. Just Google what you want to learn.
  2. Sing up for free online courses
  3. Discuss it with person who mastered with desired skill
  4. Learn new language exercise brain
  5. Watch relevant YouTube videos.

Power of self education I understood when suddenly decided to became Forex trader. I had university degree. I had knowledge which was not in demand in marketplace. I’ve spend 5 years in university without learning how to learn. After I started studying in first month I discovered how deeply interconnected exchange rates, how complex knowledge I need in order to succeed in long term. Self education became necessity.

Your knowledge no one can take, it will stay with you forever. To build successful career and financial wealth takes long time.But it easier to do with required set of knowledge.

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